Raving About RAIVE

Last Updated on: 25th January 2017, 07:01 am

I just have to write this quick post before I get a move on.

Ok, so this morning, Steve woke up to find that his computer was acting like a dork. He couldn’t figure out why. We’re pretty sure that his USB keyboard has bitten the biscuit, but we’ll only know after we buy a new one and try it. So anyway, I was trying to find a computer store to hit that hopefully was staffed by people with a little more knowhow than the ones that work at some of the chain electronics stores. I remembered hearing something good about a place called PC Trust, so went looking for them.

I found them, but for some reason that I cannot understand, they put their business hours in a graphic. Seriously, who on earth does that? I had tried calling them, but their blasted fax machine kept picking up and squealing in my ear. So Steve had a brainwave. Why don’t we run the business hours graphic, which funnily enough was labeled “business hours” *way to taunt the blink*, through Solona’s RAIVE service. And it was a great idea.

Basically, you send a picture to RAIVE and ask them a question about the picture. They send you back an email response and answer your question. My question? What are the business hours? Within 5 minutes, I had my answer in my email! I hate to say how cool is that again, but are there any better words?

That was basically all I had to say. Go RAIVE. Everybody should try it out. It’s unbelievably easy, and cool.

Oh, and USB keyboards that die without warning can eat a bag of hell.

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