Kookaburra Sits On 5% Of The Money Tree

A royalty figure has been decided upon in the case of theDown Under Kookaburra.

Federal Court Justice Peter Jacobson hasorderedEMI Songs Australia and Men at Work members Colin Hay and Ron Strykert to forward 5% of the song’s royalties since 2002 to Larrikin Music, the company that filed the suit. I’m not sure how much money that’ll end up being, but thankfully it’s a far cry from the 60% Larrikin had been asking for. That amount, it should be noted, the judge found to be “excessive, overreaching and unrealistic.” Well, that makes 2 of us, but I also think 5% is too high and that 0 would have been more appropriate.

EMI has said they’ll be appealing the ruling, so we may not have heard the last of this just yet.

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