N86 Switch Nearly Complete

Last Updated on: 23rd February 2017, 07:08 pm

Well, it’s my second day with Mr. N86, and I’d say the switch is almost complete. All my old contacts and calendar entries and files have been transferred…I think, and I got the sim card in without a hitch. Don’t ever ask me to get it out though. I had the phone laying on its face, power button facing away from me, and I followed the instructions to place the cut out corner down and to the right and fish this thing into the upper right corner of the place near the battery…and…weee! In it went! It was as if something grabbed it. Nothing did, it just fit so well that I was shocked. So it now knows its number, and that it’s on the rogers network.

Man, sending stuff between phones via bluetooth is so much fun! I don’t know why, but watching two phones chatter at each other is amusing to me. It was neat watching it inhale all my contacts and stuff, and then throw them into place. Zooom. Instant address book!

Two large boos though. I was not able to port over my t9. Sniffle. I tried, it even replaced the new file with the old one, or so it said, but it didn’t learn any new words.

And none of my homemade ringtones work on this phone! That’s not this phone’s fault, I believe it’s Rogers’s fault. Rogers has made it so no unprotected files can be used as ringtones. Collossal boo! Hopefully I can find a workaround.

Three baffling things. Why do two things on the main screen say “Share my photos?” One of them appears to be contacts. And why, when you’re going through the ringtones, won’t it auto-play mp4 files? There’s a preview button, but it still won’t preview. I tried muting Talks because I thought maybe they were fighting, but…no dice! And where would the edit key be on this phone? Is there one?

I love the way I can check my usage right from the phone. Hopefully it will be accurate. There’s a thing that says “my account, and if you click that, it takes you to Rogers and you can see your calls, messages, data, all that good stuff.

I also think it’s cool how when you slide the slider back over the buttons, it auto-locks the phone. Good thinkin’! and I also love how at the top of each menu, there’s the “show open applications” option. Before, you had to hold down the menu key to get there.

I think I managed to turn the phone’s volume down so when it plays a ringtone, I don’t get blasted to Kingdom Come. This is good. I really wish I could bring over some of my old ringtones. I think I like them better than these.

But my phone is officially mine. It has my address book in it, my calendar, yeah baby, it’s starting to look less like a brand new phone and more like it’s mine.

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