Dealing With The New Adobe Flash Installer

Last Updated on: 17th February 2014, 03:08 pm

A while back, something happened to Adobe Flash’s installer, and it got buggered for screenreader-users. If you ran the installer from the site, you’d be fine, but if it appeared after a restart, or if you installed it via Firefox’s plugin-finder service, or if you had to remove it, you ran into this ugly version of their installer. All it said was button, q button, and if you were lucky, i button. Blech! Adobe knows about this, and I hope will have the problem resolved soon.

But until they do, I have figured out a little trick. The first screen just says button and q button. That button actually is the checkbox for the license agreement. Wow! They managed to gork a checkbox and turn it into a button! Once you’ve hit space on that button, there’s a q button and an i button. The i button is install, and the q button is quit. So if you hit the i button, all should go well. I have managed to install it on Firefox, for some reason, my Firefox forgot it had Flash in it. But it remembers now.

So if you stumble across that installer, you know what to do.

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