Stick To Pumping Gas Instead Of Threatening To Pump Customers Full Of Lead.

Last Updated on: 18th April 2021, 07:32 pm

Mahmoud Ahmed Alsharif needs to chill out. Really. When someone asking to use his gas station bathroom is enough to make him threaten to shoot them in the head, and chase them out of the station with a bat, he’s wound just a little too tight.

It all started when a family wanted to fill up their water bottle. When the guy asked to use the bathroom, Alsharif said that was only for customers. So the mom decided to buy a juice for her little kid. When she tried, he pushed it away from her and said he wasn’t a slave, and started chasing them out of the store.

I can’t believe he admitted all of this to police, as if it was perfectly acceptable behaviour. I hope he gets fired. That’s insane.

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