Wanna See My Real Banana?

Last Updated on: 11th October 2014, 02:18 pm

When you see a story about a man in a banana suit showing off his banana, you just have to put it up, although it’s hard to say much else because the rest of the story makes no sense.

All we know is Carlton Jeffery Kohnert decided that he must drive around town in a child’s banana costume. His friend Anthony Marks Maybury thought this was a swell plan and went with him. We don’t know if they decided this was a good idea before or after they got all boozed up, but boozed up they were.

Then at some point, a shotgun and yelling things about white supremacy got in the mix, which is when I would happily turn the case over to the what the fuck department.

Oh, and to put things over the top, the reporter’s name was Paige Dickerson. That’s of note when a dick was definitely involved.

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