Stop In The Name Of The Pseudolaw!

Last Updated on: 10th March 2014, 04:21 pm

I think William J. Reese enjoys his job just a touch too much. He was working as a civilian jailer, and for some reason was driving around in a marked police car during his work hours. For shits and giggles, he decided to pull a car over for a traffic stop even though he had no authority to do such things. he picked the wrong car to pull over, it belonged to a police officer who was off duty. The officer recognized Reese and knew he couldn’t pull him over, so kept driving towards his home while phoning some on duty police officers to help him deal with him. Since he didn’t stop, Reese chased him at a high rate of speed, with lights and sirens, through a school zone. when the deputy arrived at home, Reese jumped out, cursed at him and started making threatening gestures. The police got Reese, and lots of evidence, since Reese’s car had one of those in-car cameras that police cars have now.

Ha ha ha ha ha. He was not meant to get away with anything. Now the civilian jailer gets to share cells with the guys he used to guard. I wonder how that’ll go over.

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