>The Vtech Bullshit Hotline

>On all of the Blue Jays radio broadcasts they’ve been plugging thisVtech Bullpen Hotline contestwhere you can win aVTECH Dect 6.0 Model DS6321-2 dual-handset cordless phoneevery time the team playing against the Jays goes to their bullpen. Actually they use this stupid wording about “every time the Jays ring up the opposing team’s pitchers and they go to the bullpen…”, but we don’t deal in crap like that here.

Anyway, one of the features of this phone is the ability to connect via Bluetooth to a cellphone and “make and receive cellular calls with the ease and comfort of a home phone system.” I don’t know about you folks, but to me that sounds about quarter past pointless. Your cell, for all intents and purposes, is a portable phone. It’s actually more of a portable phone than your portable phone is, since it doesn’t shit out on you when you get too far away from the base. On the page I linked to it says that this is useful because you can “avoid the mad dash to catch a cellular call before it goes to voicemail,” but again, that makes no sense and I suggest that whoever wrote that sentence has never actually used a cordless phone. If he had, he almost surely would not have written it.

“I’d better grab that call…where the hell is the cordless phone! Honey! Where’s the portable phone! Honey! The Phone! Kids! Which one of you has the phone! If I’ve told you once I’ve told you a thousand goddamn times…Jesus Christ! I can hear it! Where the hell…Ahhh shit! Missed it…never mind!”

If you’ve never heard this conversation or been the one initiating it, you either don’t own a cordless phone or you’ve only had one for a couple of days.

To me this just sounds like a useless gimmick to get idiots who like to think they’re more technically sophisticated than they really are to part with more money than necessary just so they can say they can do something that nobody needs or wants to do, but maybe I’m missing something. I’ve been wrong before, it happens. does anybody own one of these things and is that feature actually worth anything?

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