Keep Your Eyes On The Road, If Your Eyes Work, That Is

Last Updated on: 29th October 2013, 11:09 am

Thanks Amanda for this one.

I’ve gotten mad about people driving while doing all kinds of things to distract themselves from the task of driving, but I think I’ve found something even worse, that is driving when you know you’re legally blind! That’s what Trena Evette Mitchell did, and she hit a motorcyclist and killed him.

If you know you can’t see to safely drive, then don’t drive, goddamn it. And the part that kills me about this woman is it seems she’s only legally blind *without* corrective lenses. Then for the love of god, put the damn glasses or contacts on before you get behind the wheel.

Apparently she’s getting 12 years, and can get parole in 3. After her license was suspended, and she knew about her vision trouble, I figure it’s just as irresponsible as driving drunk. I hope she doesn’t get parole in 3 years. She deserves a long stay in there. After all, Richard Craig Schroeder didn’t get a second chance to go on with his life. He was killed right there while trying to deliver toys to charities.

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