The Winner Is…A Loser

Last Updated on: 14th November 2013, 10:32 am

An unnamed fellow on a RyanAir flight from Poland to the UK must be feeling like a pretty big loser right about now. He had a scratch ticket with him, scratched it off, and discovered he had won 10000 euros! But when the cabin crew said they couldn’t give him the dough right this instant, he ate his winning ticket. People tried to stop him, but he stood up and chomped down on his scratchcard.

First of all, and most importantly, why in hell would anyone do such a thing? I mean, they try to tell you that he did it out of anger and frustration. But…eating your winning ticket? I just don’t get it. Smacking some part of the plane, kicking something, maybe getting loud and obnoxious, all of those things I can understand doing out of anger and frustration. But…eating your ticket after you know you’ve won? Why?

And who issued the ticket? Was it actually issued by RyanAir? If it was, that’s funky that an airline gives out lottery tickets. If it wasn’t, then how did he expect a random flight crew to pay him 10000 euros?

Either way, he’s not getting anything now. He’s eaten the evidence.

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