Don’t Be So Silly!

Last Updated on: 30th July 2020, 03:28 pm

This is another instance where I feel old. Old old old!

Apparently, there’s something out there called a sillyband. I guess they’re cheap bracelets made of silicone that will go back to their original shape when taken off the wrist, er something, and kids like to wear them, trade them, doo all kinds of things with them. Some silly folks have tried to wear them around their necks, which is a bad idea since, um, they’re meant for the wrist, so that would probably be quite a squeeze on the neck.

Another thing they like to do is wear layers upon layers of them, and all the bloody time. When they sleep, swim and bathe, they still have these silly things on.

Well, quelle surprise, they can cut off circulation, and if you wear enough of them, they can cut into your wrist. Of course people are blaming the sillybands, not the kid wearing them all the time and the parents who don’t tell them to not wear so many and take them off sometimes.

When I was a kid, we used to play with little hair bobbles, ya know those things you could put on pony tails that had little round bobbly things on them. I wish I had a picture of one so you’d know what I was on about. I don’t know how we’d do it, but we’d put them on our fingers and make it look like we had little ET puppets on our fingers. Of course, if we kept this on too long, it would cut off circulation because of the way the elastics were wound around, so mom would always make us take them off after a little while. Does that mean those hair doo dads are dangerous because they can cut off circulation? Only if you let ’em!

As an aside, we found out another reason they can be dangerous. If you’re wearing one of those doo dads, and you have a car accident, the bobbles, when smushed between head and door in the impact, can cause a nice hairline fracture to the skull. Just ask six-year-old me. You couldn’t ask me about that week now, I don’t remember it.

Common sense, folks!

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