Who Knew A Personal Pronoun Could Be So Costly?

Last Updated on: 21st July 2019, 07:30 pm

Apparently, the Transportation Department is either broke, or bored, or both. They are resorting to quibbling over personal pronouns to squeeze money out of companies.

If you rent an apartment, do you consider it *your* apartment? If you invite someone over, do you say “Come over to my place?” or do you say “Come over to the apartment which I rent from X Property Management?” I doubt you would say the latter. You would say “Come over to my place.” It’s yours, as long as you continue to pay for it, after all. But apparently, the Transportation Department disagrees.

According to the story, Mercy Flights, the oldest air ambulance operator in the states, leased a helicopter in its fleet from another company. They’re the only people who use it. Because they referred to it in their literature and on their site as “our helicopter”, the Office of Aviation Enforcement Proceedings got all up in a dither, and fined them a heap of money. Even better, their letter said that if they chose to contest the fine, they would make it even higher. Yeah, because that sounds o so democratic. So, the nonprofit company, whose sole reason for existing is to save people’s lives, chose to settle so they could stay alive.

Good god. Why don’t these federal agents do something useful, like inspect real safety issues?

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