Shantell Nicole Issues

Last Updated on: 8th December 2016, 01:43 pm

How’d you like to be in the area where this happened and witness this bizarre chain of events?

Bartlesville police received a report of a citizen needing assistance in the 400 block of Southeast Adams Boulevard. The victim there reportedly told police that Ishem had gotten into his truck and stolen his donut. As police were receiving that report, a clerk from a nearby convenience store said that after Ishem got out of the man’s truck, she pulled her pants down and urinated in the parking lot.

When police questioned Ishem, she reportedly told them that she was “sitting on her moneymaker” and offered sexual favors to arresting officers.

The Ishem mentioned is Shantell Nicole Ishem. I think she has bigger problems than a compulsive need for a late-night donut.

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