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Last Updated on: 24th February 2017, 04:23 pm

I’ve mentioned sometimes that I’m on the Guelph Barrier-Free Committees, and sometimes I’ve plugged events we’ve put on. We’re right in the middle of another project, so I figured I’d plug it here. I never know who reads, so I might as well use anything I’ve got to spread the word. Here’s the little blurb.

The Guelph Barrier-Free Committees raises awareness and works to remove barriers for people with disabilities around the city. Our focus is on private businesses, and our hope is that living in Guelph will become a more accessible experience for all. 

One of our current projects is finding out what supports are available to help people with disabilities participate in recreation and identifying what is lacking. Since our focus is activities not run by the city, we are asking about recreation provided by gyms, churches and clubs, etc.  

We are wondering what people with all kinds of disabilities wish they had available to them within the city limits in terms of recreation. Are you looking for sledge hockey? What about wheelchair basketball? How about Goalball or curling? These are just a few examples to get your thinking process going. We also are interested in knowing what barriers people with disabilities have encountered in participating in sports and other recreational activities. 

Feel free to email me at
with any feedback, and feel free to distribute this message to anyone else who you think might be interested. Thank you. 

Carin Headrick

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