Shots Fired, Cops To Be Fired Later

Last Updated on: 4th May 2015, 12:21 pm

Wouldn’t this be a scary way to end your day?

You’re driving home from work when your van breaks down on the side of the road. There you are, with a backfiring van, and you start to think that your van might catch fire, so you get out and find cops firing at you! That’s what happened to Phillip Ransom.

Police came because someone thought they heard shots fired, they heard the booms, and started shooting. They didn’t stop, even though Ransom had his hands in the air and was yelling that he wasn’t armed. 3 bullets hit his van, and the cops shot out their own windshield.

Thankfully the cops who did this have been placed on administrative leave until the department can figure out just what in hell happened. But that doesn’t help the way Ransom feels.

Gees! Before firing your gun, look around!

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