Help Get This Guide Dog Back Home

Last Updated on: 13th January 2017, 07:04 am

Update: Consider Spalding to have been helped home.

Um, eek.

Just got this. It said to pass to anyone in the area…figured it was safe to put up on the blog.

MISSING GUIDE DOG!!! Please pray for Spaulding’s safe return: Guide Dog SPALDING, a male golden retriever, was lost in St. Paul Minnesota Sunday at 1:30pm. His tattoo number (in his ears) is 1V1. If anyone is in the area or knows someone that is, let’s use this network to find him. If found please contact
Guide Dogs for the Blind 1-800-295-4050. It’s 5 below zero out there so please keep him in your thoughts!

Shiver. I hope this has a quick and happy ending. Just the thought of Trixie wandering out in the cold gives me the chills.

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