Run From Those Dangerous Candy Canes

Last Updated on: 2nd April 2018, 05:42 am

This whole story started with Christmas cheer and ended by sapping my will to live.

Some students at Battlefield High School felt like spreading some Christmas cheer. So they called themselves the Christmas sweater club. They put on crazy Christmas sweaters, sang carols and tossed a few candy canes at some other students. But suddenly school officials wanted to stomp their Christmas spirit into the dust. We don’t really know what they were disciplined for, but they were given detensions and cleaning duty. At first, they were told that the candy canes could be used as weapons because they could be sharpened with their mouths and used to stab people. Then, they were only being disciplined for littering. Then it was causing a disturbance. I’m not really sure what the crime was for which they were being punished, all I know is some school administrator doesn’t like Christmas that much.

You know, if that school is so afraid that candy canes will be used as weapons, then maybe they should change the name of their school. I mean, Battlefield High School? Just that name could encourage violence! It should be changed immediately, but they can keep the Ba part. I vote they change the name to Bah Humbug High School. It seems to fit the values they are instilling.

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