The Stuff In The Store Was Free, But You’re Not

Last Updated on: 27th June 2018, 03:38 pm

Here’s a weird one.

There’s a store in Edmonton devoted to saving things from going into the landfill. People pay a couple of bucks to drop something off, and then it’s free for anyone to take. It’s called the free store. Yup, the free store. People just take stuff, ya know, for free. Well, somebody broke into the free store. Apparently they were drunk. I’d really be wondering about them if they did it sober.

Now, because they smashed to get in, at least one of them got grabbed by cops. If they’d just waited and come when the store was open, they could have taken whatever they wanted and had no charges.

I wonder if the one who was arrested will have to pay bail. That would totally rub it in.

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