The 1950’s Called. They Want Their Segregation Policies Back.

Oh boy. I sort of understand what they’re going for, but I still don’t like it. I envision a very slippery slope, and I don’t trust humanity to avoid it.

In Lancaster, PA, they’ve seen that having role models helps kids do better. So, at one high school, they’re going to separate some of them by race and gender and put them with a teacher of the same race/gender. What’s really weird is the NAACP is behind them. Whaaat?

I understand the role model thing. But I think those should just be around. You shouldn’t have your role models decided for you. And if you need someone of the same race/gender being your home room teacher, do you need one of the same race/gender teaching you every subject? How long until, in the name of having role models, school districts decide you need your own schools and that’s where you have to go, and it’s for your own good? Just how long? We’ve done the “Separate but equal” crap before. It didn’t work.

Man we humans are stupid.

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