That Was An Easy Catch

Last Updated on: 4th April 2023, 09:37 am

Ow ow ow ow ow! A guy broke into a hunting and fishing store, but the robbery was not successful. Why? He lost his balance and fell on some fish hooks, getting them embedded in his butt. One of them had to be removed in hospital. Oh, you say, but how do you know they were fish hooks from the store? Well, they still had price tags on ’em.

Here’s a note for the unfortunate man. If you’re going to break through a window, don’t do it drunk. It requires that you keep your balance so you don’t fall into a display of fish hooks.

They say he has robbed that place before. I wonder if he will even be able to go near the door without feeling unexplainable spikes in his ass.

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