He Won’t Come, When You Call, He Won’t Chhase, Squirrels At All…

Last Updated on: 2nd January 2018, 04:21 am

I wish I hadn’t already used the title “Dead Puppies Aren’t Much Fun” because it would have been appropriate for this story.

We honestly don’t know what the hell Stacey Champion was thinking. My best guess is that she was trying to save money, and was too stupid/uncaring to figure out that this was a bad idea. All we do know is she tried to send a puppy to someone via priority post. Yes. And what air holes she had cut in the box, she had sealed over with mailing tape. On top of that, she lied about the contents of the box, saying it was a robot, so don’t be alarmed if it makes noise. Thankfully when the box started moving on its own, people were alarmed and ripped it open.

What they found inside was a 4-month-old puppy, which she had intended to send to a kid for their eleventh birthday. Can you imagine what would have happened if the puppy hadn’t moved? The kid would have received a dead puppy as a birthday present. It’s a guarantee. It would have taken 2 days to mail the box, and it would have been sent in an unheated cargo hold.

But when the woman was charged with animal cruelty, all she cared about was the $22 she had paid to mail it, and she wanted the other money she had attached to a dog collar.

Poor little puppy. I’m glad they saved the poor little thing. Now it’s with Animal control, and will likely be adopted out to someone who cares about its well-being.

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