>There’s no such thing as the proper time, place or method for a 50-year-old man to communicate with his teenaged girlfriend, but if there were, I’m sure we could all agree that the time wouldn’t be whenever he could, the place wouldn’t be from inside a Marion, Illinois federal prison where he is currently incarcerated and the method wouldn’t bean email address provided by the Bureau of Prisons’ Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System (TRULINCS) program.The above is becoming quite clear to Franesiour Kemache-Webster, who has gone from white-collar criminal to pretty good bet to be the world’s next great dim bulb sex offender.

In a May 2010 note to the girl, the 50-year-old inmate wrote, “I really do miss & desire you & love U.” After the girl wrote that she planned to lick whipped cream off him, Kemache-Webster responded, “da whip cream thing was a great touch…U r such a devil I love U and miss U and can’t wait to C U all over again.”

A subsequent e-mail sent via the BoP system by Kemache-Webster cautioned the girl to “make sure U watch wut u e-mail 2 me when it comes 2 us b’n personal, and such bcuz I don’t want them here 2 get da wrong idea of how our closeness is.” Since, he added, “dis place is a sex offender type place also.”

In another e-mail, Kemache-Webster wrote, “I love U, U kno this it’s so much love like husband & wife.” In a letter mailed from the Marion penitentiary, Kemache-Webster referred to his future release from custody, writing that “Our agreed Anniversary is Sunday October 10, 2010 at 10:00am. Even though we will be doing it from my return home date until forever [smiley face]. On Sunday 10-10-10-10, this date, we will try to celebrate all day…I mean the entire day…doing it! So if you are not pregnant before than on that date it will be dedicated to getting you to be…for sure.”

Kemache-Webster is being held with out bail and has been charged with using an interstate commerce facility to entice a minor to engage in sexual activity. He is also alleged to have tried to intimidate his future wife in phone calls, threatening her with harm if she didn’t tell the police the allegations against him were false. Due to that but not hopefully only that, he has been ordered to have no contact with the girl. No word on whether he’s still allowed to use the computers for other purposes.

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