All Aboard The Obliviot Train

Last Updated on: 13th May 2016, 03:18 pm

People are really losing respect for trains. A man in Missoula, Montana was in his car, drivin’ along groovin’ to music. He was so oblivious that he drove through an intersection onto some railroad tracks, seemingly while a train was coming. He had the music set so loud that he didn’t notice the slow-moving train until it hit his car. Luckily for him, his car was pooched but he was fine.

In New Mexico, however, 18-year-old Amanda Byrne wasn’t so lucky. She was jog jog joggin’ along, listening to music in a headset, and also wearing a headband, and jog jog jogged right into the path of a train. It honked frantically and tried to put the brakes on as it came up behind her, but she somehow didn’t feel the vibrations either, and…ker smacko! Amanda Byrne is no longer with us.

People, please, watch out while walking on train tracks. They’re primarily meant for trains!

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