Portal To What The Hell

Last Updated on: 4th December 2017, 08:31 am

This is definitely an example of weirder than weird.

Two women got up in the morning to let their dog outside when they noticed that the contents of their shed were all over everywhere. Wondering what in hell happened, they went to look. The shed door was closed. Hmmm. Even weirder. When they opened it, they were pounced on by a maniac! Morgan Mesz was inside their shed. And why was he there? He was seeking the portal to hell. Whaaat?

The two women screamed for help, and a neighbour came to their aid. He thwonked Mesz in the head with a bat and subdued him, but not before he was stabbed as well, along with the women, who are now in serious and critical condition. Mesz is receiving a psychological evaluation.

But, depending on where he ends up, he may have found the portal to hell after all.

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