Get On The Strait And Narrow

Last Updated on: 1st April 2014, 10:29 am

Sing a song of calamity.

Here’s another guy who is not meant for a life of crime, although it seems crime goes far back in his life.

Things were not going well for Randall Scott Strait at all when he decided to rob a corner store. First of all, he didn’t even come with a bag! So, he had to root one out of a dumpster. You’d think if he was planning to rob a place, he would have brought a bag. I mean, he remembered a gun, but not a bag?

Next, his ski mask was on all crooked, so it probably wasn’t disguising his face too well.

He managed to ask for money, but when he didn’t get it, he grabbed the cash register while it was still plugged in. Too bad for him, the clerk was very fast on his feet and grabbed back on the register’s cord, sending Strait, well, down.

And down he continued to plummet in the bad luck department. When he reached for the register, he set down his gun. Yoink! Clerk picked it up, along with a baseball bat. Smack smack smack went the baseball bat on Strait’s head. Run run run trip fall went Strait outside. He managed to get in his car, but not before the clerk delivered one final blow to Strait’s rear window. Smash!

So when police came knocking on Strait’s door because of an unrelated matter, he kinda got busted, especially since his car had lots of evidence in it, and they could compare his image with that on the security camera.

Bye-bye guy. Don’t rob again. It would be a good idea to stop while you can.

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