Kids Say The Most Incriminating Things

Last Updated on: 30th May 2018, 02:26 pm

As a kid, I could be a bit of a brat. I could also be quite the blabbermouth. If I heard it, and I thought it was amusing or worth a story, it was comin’ out. Sometimes, this made my parents very very mad when I mentioned embarrassing things like dogs drinking out of the toilet, or told jokes that weren’t supposed to leave the house. So, my parents should be very thankful they never did anything illegal. I probably would have said something similar to what this kid said. There’s nothing that says “you’re screwed more than the kid you’re babysitting saying “Diane, you know you were the one who told us don’t tell you were the one who went in through the front window.” Might as well sign the confession right there.

And I’m sure the parents who left their kids in the care of this woman are freaking out right now. If not, well, hmmm, the kids will have more stories to tell soon I’m sure.

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