This Story Took Me To My Unhappy Place

Last Updated on: 3rd December 2013, 03:20 pm

Holy hell! This is just insane! It’s insane enough that a nurse would steal painkillers from a patient, but more insane is that the rest of the team carried on the procedure even though the patient was in obvious pain! Excuse me? They had to hold him down to finish. Hold him down? Wouldn’t someone have checked what he got? And the nurse that did this to him began to be unsteady on her feet and fell asleep and they just carried on? What kind of hospital is this? And all the spokesperson managed to say was

“It doesn’t sound like something that we would want to happen to one of our patients. This isn’t the kind of behavior we would want in our hospital.”

Doesn’t sound like? Excuse me?

I can’t even imagine being told that they couldn’t give enough painkillers, and to man up and take some of the pain. Then, while moaning and struggling, to be told to “go to your beach, your happy place.”

I’m so glad he went to the police. Who knows how many people Sarah Casareto has done this to. And Abbott Northwestern Hospital needs a good wake-up call.

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