The Future of Shopping At Future Shop Just Got Brighter!

Yes! Yes! Yes! It’s so good to bring good accessibility-related news. Sometimes, I get so mired in the bad, the futile attempts to make things better. It’s so nice to see a victory, and here it is.

I wish I could say I had more of a hand in this. I did write that old Future Shop post, and I tried to make a few calls to the store and head office. But I was either thwarted by their phone system or the manager was not available. So I sure didn’t have much to do with this. But the point is by September, there will be tactile overlays at all the Future Shop and Best Buy stores in Canada. No more flat screen debit pads we can’t use! Yes!

And hey, Hypercom? The ones who designed the debit pads that Future Shop and Best Buy bought? Think of the blind next time, ok?

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