Anti-Rabies Shots Bite.

Here’s a little note to the woman in Guelph with the two big Bouviers, one of which bit a kid walking his dog. do the right thing, speak up. If you speak up now and let them know whether or not your dogs are up to date on their rabies vaccinations, doctors can make the right decision about what to do next. If you remain nameless and your dogs can’t be identified, this boy will have to go through several anti-rabies shots, perhaps unnecessarily. And believe me, if you choose to stay in the shadows, anti-rabies shots will be in his future. They don’t mess around. I think you have about ten days to do the right thing.

If you need more convincing, maybe Steve’s brother can right about what it was like going through that process. And why would he have to do this, you ask? Well, because some cowardly individual refused to stay at the scene after his stupid dog jumped out the window of a car and bit Steve’s brother. The only reason the beast stopped biting him was because he punched it in the face. The spineless motorist stopped long enough to collect his mut, and then drove off. After several days of fruitlessly searching for this guy, it was time for the shots.

So, lady in Guelph with two bouviers who was walking in the Silvercreek Parkway South area, please do the right thing. Get in contact with the Guelph Mercury, who I’m sure could put you in touch with the family. You have the chance to put something right. Do it.

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