This Makes Me Take Baby Baby Baby Steps Towards The Edge Of Sanity

Last Updated on: 17th January 2014, 01:10 pm

Because I can’t fit this into 140 characters forTwitter,here’s today’sperfect storm of utter fail.

1. There is a museum in Toronto dedicated to famous shoes. Do people actually go there? Willingly? Besides the ones who work there?

2. Justin Bieber’s shoes are in it. Yes, already. Kid’s been a pop star for what, 14 minutes? The story mentions that Terry Fox’s shoes are also there, so compared to that, this Bieber kid has no more right to have his footwear displayed there than I do. Terry Fox’s shoes accomplished something amazing. Justin Bieber’s shoes have done what exactly? Other than make funny feelings in the insides of girls and a few boys who aren’t old enough to understand why they like him yet, the answer is nothing.


Prior to the unveiling, the kids watched a performance by Landon Holmes, a 12-year-old Bieber tribute artist from Woodstock, Ont.

Holmes sang an assortment of Bieber hits and even pulled one girl on stage to serenade her and give her an autographed poster of himself.


I know the kid’s 12, but I don’t like the path he’s going down. There’s still time to straighten up, fly right and change your ways, young man. Go do something respectable with your time, like throw rocks at all the Bieber-loving girls because they’re gross.

but what really bugs me is that I thought you had to be around for a while and have more than 3 songs before tribute bands started popping up and cashing in on your name. But maybe with our short attention spans these days nobody can wait that long anymore.

Ug. Just…ug.

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