Last Updated on: 25th February 2023, 04:26 pm

What a neat ideathisis, and I’m sure it’s exactly the sort of thing the smart tech people have in mind when they invent things.

For the last 5 years, Kevin Zelko has been selling beer at Safeco Field. He normally does the walking up and down the stadium yelling for people’s attention thing, but now he’s had a stroke of genius that he’s hoping will increase sales while making things quicker and easier for fans and himself.

If you’re at the game, in the right section and appropriately teched out, send a tweet to@Msbeervendorwith your order in it, and in a few minutes he’ll bring it right to you.

This is a business plan who’s time has come. Unless people find a way to abuse it, it can’t fail. Hopefully we’ll be seeing tweeting vendors (twendors?) at every sporting event before too long.

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