There’s A Crack In Our Foundation Of Trust

Proving that people just never fucking learn, something similar to the case of Dexter White went downjust a few short months ago.

In that case, Antonio Recinos called 911 and flagged down a police officer to complain that he had been shorted when purchasing $40 worth of cocaine. This time the problem was that $60 only got White, 41, $20 worth of crack…which he smoked every bit of before calling in.

In the 911 call, White initially (and inexplicably) asked a police dispatcher to send a canine unit to his location. He subsequently explained his predicament, which prompted the operator to ask, “Okay, you said you bought some drugs from them and they didn’t give you your change back?”

I think, as crazy as it sounds, I might understand the logic of the canine unit. White didn’t get all of his drugs. Dogs are supposed to be able to track down drugs. His dealer would more than likely still have the rest of White’s order on him. Bingo, problem solved. I’ve never done serious drugs, but I’ve been around enough folks who have and read more than enough stories about them to kind of get an idea of how their minds work…such as you can call it working.

White’s dealer was not found, but white did find himself in the Charleston County Detention Center, where he remains in lieu of $400 bond. If only he’d gotten his change back…

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