Asses To Asses

I hate it when a news story drops a load of questions on you and then answers none of them. This one here, for example. Did this fellow know the guest of honour or are we dealing with a completely random attack? And if the answer is option A, how did things go so wrong between them?

On Saturday afternoon, police were called to a funeral home for reports a man was disrupting a funeral service.
Police say in addition to causing a disruption, the man also defaced funeral home property with human feces.
The man was arrested and charged with public mischief before being released on an undertaking.

The same article then informs us that the man was arrested again the next day for breaching the terms of his release, but no mention is made of how he did it. Did he try to top his performance from the previous day? Could he have?

I’ll keep my eyes out for updates, but there isn’t exactly a lot to go on here, so to speak.

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