Weee! It’s A Flying Blind Guy!

After we wrote about Wess and Ian’s blind guy stories, our buddy Martin emailed me with a gem of his own. I have to put it up because when I read it, I began to laugh and laugh and laugh, to the point that I couldn’t tell Steve what I was on about and I had to let JAWS read it.

True story.

A guy I knew from New Brunswick (Saint John to be exact) was plodding up to a street corner and he stopped to get his bearings.  Two guys walked up on each side of him, lifted him off the ground and carried him across the street.  Bob thanked them and added that he did not really want to cross to this side, where they promptly picked him up and returned him to the original side of the street.  While Bob was relating this story to me, I just about broke my back laughing.

I did too, and so did Steve. Well the guys got their good deed of the day, and lots of extra exercise! Good on poor Bob for not freaking out as he was being hoisted through the air. I don’t think I could do so well.

You know, it’s amazing that didn’t happen to me more in the pre-dog days. I think now they wouldn’t dare because they’d have to pick up a dog too, but I’m kind of small and light. Hell, I think Steve can pick me up with one arm.

Damn, that’s a gooder.

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