My Talk With A Wheels In Action Organizer

I love many things in this life. Two of those things happen to be plugging things I’m involved in in any way and easy blog content. So let’s scratch both of those itches at once, shall we?

As you may recall, last Thursday was Access Recreation Day, and Carin had a pretty big hand in putting it together. There were a few folks taking pictures throughout the day, but since pictures don’t work for everybody and because who doesn’t like a little extra promotion, we thought it would be cool to get some audio recordings of various things. So my job was running around and talking to a bunch of the different people who were there. I didn’t get everybody, but there’s a nice selection. I also went on a tour of the building and managed to record the wheelchair basketball and goalball demos. All of this stuff will be slowly released in the next little while, in no particular order.

The first clip has gone up, and it’s me talking to a fellow involved in putting together this weekend’s Guelph Wheels In Action event. You can read more about what’s going on and download the mp3 here.

I’ll post here to point you in the direction of new audio as it’s added to the Barrier Free site, but if you’d like to use a system that works much quicker than waiting for my lazy arse to get around to it, follow GuelphBFC on Twitter.

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