Late Breaking News. Very, Very Late

Last Updated on: 11th September 2013, 10:09 am

A while ago, Carin and I stopped watching our local CTV News At 6. We’ve flirted with this idea on and off over the years, but in the end our old person spirits would always win and we’d go back.

The problem with the CTV news isn’t that the personalities are bad or that we hate hearing all the stories about war and car accidents or any number of excuses people use for not keeping up with current events. We still keep up with our news all the time. We read it, we watch it, we listen to it. The problem with the CTV news around here is that it’s insulting to anyone who knows even the smallest hint of anything about anything.

For instance, watch this video report. It’s essentially an advertisement for a technology company. They’ve chosen the city of Stratford (I was born there in case anybody cares) to test out a pilot project that will let people access the internet via their televisions. It’s called ConectTV, which may or may not be the right spelling. I’m spelling it that way until I find out differently for a reason, however.

Does any of this revolutionary technology sound at all familiar? You can use the internet on your TV. You need an ISP, and you’ll have to pay for a box that will allow your TV to interface with the net. Yes, unless there’s something the news isn’t telling me, this is in fact WebTV, only a little faster. All it needs is its own portal to dial into when you start it up and we’re completely off to the you ripped off my idea races.

Thank you, CTV News, for bringing me word of this innovation. I can hardly wait for your coverage of the final episode of Cheers and the rise of the Tamagotchi.

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