He Should Have Said He Was Quality Control For The Condom Department

Last Updated on: 24th August 2016, 04:28 pm

It’s been about 17 years since I’ve been inside an American Walmart, but considering some of the people I remember seeing there, I figured shoplifting a couple boxes of condoms and then heading into the women’s room for a little less than quiet private time with them and some naughty pictures on your phone like Brandon Jelks did was just something that happened on Tuesdays. Interestingly, one of the Walmarts I visited on that last trip was in Indiana, if memory serves. Wonder if it was this one.

An off-duty cop working security at the store was then summoned. When the cop confronted a startled Jelks, 20, as he exited the stall (“with his pants unzipped”), he claimed to have accidentally gone into the wrong bathroom. Jelks was handcuffed and brought to the loss prevention office where a search turned up two boxes of condoms that had been shoplifted from the store, according to an Indianapolis Police Department report.

Jelks explained that he had used two of the condoms while pleasuring himself in the women’s bathroom. While being detained, he also reportedly told a Walmart official that he “had a sex problem” and went into the bathroom “to look at the women” while masturbating. While he was doing this, Jelks noted, he was looking at pornography on his cell phone.

He now also has a being held in the Marion County jail problem, an indecent exposure problem and a criminal trespass problem. Not sure what you steel for those, but at least there’s a bathroom nearby if he figures it out.

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