Or Else She’ll Fry

You’ve got a problem. There are a couple of drug cases hanging over your head. One for being caught with meth and fentanyl and another because you sold meth to an undercover cop. You’re going to need a good lawyer, but those can get pretty expensive. What to do…what to do?

I suppose you could always deal fentanyl to pay for it, but that wouldn’t be very bright and nobody would actually do that.

Nicole Gregory, 28, was busted after a sheriff’s deputy spotted her dropping a bag that held four baggies containing the synthetic opioid. “The defendant did intend to sell said substance,” the investigator alleged.
After being collared on a St. Petersburg street, Gregory reportedly admitted that she “sells the drug for $10 per ‘bump.’” Gregory then claimed she was “selling the narcotics to make money for an attorney for a pending drug charge.”

Yes, she gets to pay for another lawyer now. Hopefully she’ll find a better way of doing that this time. If she’s got a decent singing voice, maybe she could busk. Perhaps start with that song about swallowing flies.

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