An Unwritten Rule Of Hockey

Last Updated on: 3rd March 2017, 12:03 am

I doubt this comes up in many training camps, so here’s a good tip for all you kids out there. If you’re gonna play hockey, always, always! remember which team you’re on. It might just save you a punch in the face during a goal celebration one day.

Here’s a description of what’s going on

During a Swedish hockey league game between Mora IK and Leksand, Henrik Eriksson of Mora got a little bit too excited after scoring a goal to give his team a 2-1 lead. After deflecting the puck into the net, Eriksson went into full celebration mode, hugging the player nearest to him, who just so happened to be Alen Bibic of Leksand. Bibic, as you could imagine, took exception to the display, giving Eriksson a quick punch to the face.

This hardly ruined the mood for Eriksson however, who, still smiling, skated a little farther to celebrate with players who wouldn’t punch him in the face.

The uploader of the video seems to think the mistake wasn’t a mistake at all, but it’s funny and a bit stupid either way.

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