Sugar Caine

Last Updated on: 28th March 2017, 07:10 pm

You’d think, though wrongly it would seem, that the fear of police that’s generally built into drug users and dealers would stop this kind of thing from happening. But yet again we have a customer not getting what was paid for and calling 911 in to act as a Better Business Bureau of sorts.

This time the disgruntled consumer is 47-year-old Suzanne Basham, who told police that she paid a guy $40 for some crack but wound up with a bag of sugar instead.

Of course she demanded that the underhanded shopkeep be arrested and that a refund be given immediately. But the only one arrested was Basham herself, when police found that she was in possession of a pipe.

Officers did go to an address given to them by Basham, but the people there denied they sold her anything and declined to have their home searched by investigators.

Maybe, if she has time between arrests, bad business deals and poor life decisions, she can go back and read this very similar story from last year and take comfort in the fact that she’s not alone.

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