Big Changes Are Coming!

After thinking and talking about it for what seems like forever, it’s finally happening. The Comet is on the move! Money has changed hands and a site has been created. Now comes the fun part, and by fun part I mean craptastic series of doom-filled events.

Some of them, like reuploading everything downloadable to a server that actually works and changing the way our new template looks, I was expecting. It’ll be tedious, but necessary and worth it when it’s done. What I didn’t bargain for was the post importer deciding that I had written every single post ever to have been published here. That’s about 6500 of them, in case you were curious. So because that happened, we now have the ever so lovely task of going through each one manually and assigning the proper author to it. And since our staff consists of me and Carin when she’s in the correct town and has a few minutes, this could take a while unless somebody knows of a way to automate the process.

If you don’t see loads of new posts here in the next little while, you know why. We’re not slacking off, we’re just trying to settle into our new home.

Speaking of our new home, you can find it at Yes, all of this stupidity is an org. Until the new place is ready for prime time, anything that does get posted we’ll put both here and there so the change isn’t too sudden and just in case we break something along the way. There’s a very good chance of that happening with me involved, I should point out.

We’d like to send a big thank you out to Shane for all of his help. If you’re in the market for hosting, talk to him. He’s been hosting the Guelph Barrier Free site for a little over a year, and that thing runs like a top. And in the rare event it doesn’t, him and the rest of the team are right on it, often at completely ridiculous hours. They know their stuff, and I hope they’re prepared for the stupidquestionsfromstevealanch that is almost certainly heading right for them.

And now, I’m off to post this in a couple of places and perhaps have a good cry while thinking about what lies ahead. Wish me luck or laugh your head off at me, whatever suits your fancy.

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