Ahh, The Old You’ve Been Punk’d! Defence

Last Updated on: 22nd May 2012, 06:02 pm

Some days this job is like shooting fish in a barrel.

What days would those be, you ask.

Well my curious friend, days like the ones when some numbnuts walks in off the street and tries to rob a police station spring immediately to mind.

18-year-old Keithan Manuel’s attempt went exactly as just about anyone but him would have expected, which means he’s in jail now.

When reached for comment there, Manuel explained his actions thusly.

Manuel, in Dallas County Jail on several charges, including burglary, claims he visited the police station seeking information on a warrant, and was joking about the holdup, telling KTVT-TV, Dallas-Fort Worth, “I play like that all the time. I didn’t think she would take it seriously.”

Of course. You know how flippant those police types are about threats and crime.

Oh and Keithan, when somebody in that there jail tells you to be mindful of that whole soap thing. Yeah, that person isn’t playing around the way you do.

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