We Should Mosey On Back There And Give Them A Piece Of Our Minds!

As sure as the seasons will change, drunken idiots will bust up restaurants over screwed up orders.

In an interview with cops, Slate said that the duo was “upset with McDonald’s because their cheeseburgers had been messed up.” He then “advised that they went home and continued to drink beer and get worked up about the cheeseburgers.”

The men, Slate confessed, returned to McDonald’s and hurled a piece of concrete through the drive-thru window and tossed a brick through the eatery’s front window. An employee standing near the drive-thru window was struck by debris and suffered several lacerations on his left arm. The restaurant’s manager was struck in the leg by the concrete chunk.

Slate is Christopher Slate, who along with Sean Mosey has been charged with felony
reckless endangerment and vandalism. They may have gotten away with their act of revenge had Mosey not tripped and fell during the getaway. As it is, all his landing in the street and finding himself unable to regain his feet got him was a public intoxication charge to go with the others.

Both are free on bond and are set for court in July.

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