The VC On Blogger: 2003-2012

Back in 2003 when all of this started, we were just a couple of dicks with free time who wanted a website but had no idea how to make one. Now, almost 9 years, hundreds of thousands of visits and 5 commenting systems later…we have Carin.

We also, as of this post going up, have a new home.

The new site isn’t quite finished, but it’s close enough. We’re still putting some final touches on it and trying to figure out how to fix some unexpected broken, but that’s pretty much been the story of this place from the beginning, so why mess with the formula?

I feel like I need to give Blogger a little sendoff before we turn out the lights. It has, in spite of all the times it’s been a pain in our ass (new interface, I’m looking menacingly in your ugly, mostly inaccessible direction), provided us with quite a few cool opportunities that we likely wouldn’t have had otherwise. Speaking just for myself, it’s given me a chance to be part of other things that I thought would have outlasted this place by years and years and introduced me to quite a few really nice people and a few assholes both online and in person. The one’s I’ve met in person have all been nice, just for the record. But most of all, it gave me a place to say things when I wanted to and have people actually hear them. So thanks, Blogger. You haven’t always been the easiest thing to get along with, but you got us all started at whatever this is, so you’ve got that going for you.

And now…onward!

In case you missed it, the new site can be found at If you’re subscribed to an RSS feed or following us on Twitter, you won’t have to do anything to keep getting posts sent straight to you. Same goes for the current email subscribers. You should have gotten your message this morning as usual, complete with a few items you’ve probably seen before. Sorry about that. That happened when I pointed the feed that makes the email in the new direction. Oh, and since that feed is the RSS feed, sorry to you folks too.

The only people I have bad news for are the ones who use Blogger’s follow feature. I don’t think there’s a way to keep things as they are in that department since we’re not publishing to Blogger anymore. If I find out there’s something I can do I’ll try to make it happen, but you have other options that you can feel free to use in the meantime. If you don’t like Twitter or feeds or visiting sites directly, let me know and I can put you on the mailing list so you don’t have to deal with the stupid CAPTCHA. We’re still working on finding something without a CAPTCHA that will do the newsletter thing the way we’d like it done, but until then this is how it’s going to have to go. If you’d rather not bother me and can type the letters and numbers you see or have something that can, the email signup form is here

And I guess that’s it. Wow, this feels a little weird. Weird, but it’s definitely for the best. See you all over at the new place, I hope.

Goodnight, VC Blogger. It’s been fun.

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  1. Well hey, so it does. Neat. Not sure how that works, but there ya go. I think I just saw you come here through Blogger now that I’ve got stats working. Cool.

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