The Catholic Church: Protector Of Rapists Since God Knows When

This is disgusting and almost too screwed up for words. Catholic Church excommunicates mother and doctors of a nine-year-old rape victim that had abortion – but not accused rapist

Declaring that “life must always be protected”, a senior Vatican cleric has defended the Catholic Church’s decision to excommunicate the mother and doctors of a nine-year-old rape victim who had a life-saving abortion in Brazil.

Cardinal Giovanni Batista Re, who heads the Pontifical Commission for Latin America, told reporters that although the girl fell pregnant after apparently being abused by her stepfather, her twins had, “the right to live, and could not be eliminated”.

In an interview with the Italian newspaper, La Stampa, the cardinal added: “It is a sad case but the real problem is that the twins conceived were two innocent persons. Life must always be protected.”

To be clear, that’s unborn, unexpected, unwanted and unhealthy to the person carrying it life, not innocent child rape victim life. She, apparently, needs no protecting.

And what of the monster who committed this act? What happens to him, Mr. Church Leader Guy?

Well…he can stay. You don’t see him going around having abortions.

Jose Cardoso Sobrinho, the conservative regional archbishop for Pernambuco where the girl was rushed to hospital, has said that the man would not be thrown out of the Church, because although he had allegedly committed “a heinous crime”, the Church took the view that “the abortion, the elimination of an innocent life, was more serious”.

At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to quietly assign this rapist to another church like they’ve done for years with all the ones in their employ.

How is there any respect left at all for this institution at this point?

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