1! 2! 3!

After a few years of married life, a man finds that he is unable to perform anymore. He goes to see his doctor. The doctor tries everything he can think of, but nothing works.

Defeated, the doctor tells the man that it must all be in his mind and refers him to a psychiatrist.

After a few visits to the shrink, he too confesses that he is at a loss as to how he could possibly cure him.

as a last resort, the psychiatrist refers him to a witch doctor.

“I can cure this no problem,” the witch doctor tells him.

He throws some powder on a flame. There is a bright flash with billowing blue smoke.

“This is a very powerful healing,” the witch doctor says. “But you can only use it once a year! All you have to do is say ‘123’ and it shall rise for as long as you wish!”

“As long as I wish!?” the man asks excitedly. “So I can make love to my wife multiple times?”

“As many times as you desire,” says the witch doctor. “And when you wish it to go down, all you have to say is ‘1234’ and that will be that. But be warned, it will not work again for a year!”

The guy can hardly wait to get home and surprise his wife with the good news.

Later that evening while lying in bed with her, he decides it’s time. As instructed, he says “123.” Sure enough, he gets an amazing erection.

Just then, his wife turns over and says sleepily…

“What did you say 123 for?”

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