NHL: No Hockey League?

And…It’s happened. Because the rinky dink Mickey Mouse outfit dressed up as a pro sports league they call the NHL can’t get its shit together, we have no hockey. Again. that’s right, we’re now entering the 4th labour dispute in 20 years. How the fuck do things like this happen? You have to be a special kind of incompetent as a leader to allow this sort of garbage when you’re representing a league and sport that you’re trying to grow and that’s having trouble taking hold in the markets you’ve shoehorned it into. It’s almost like Garry Bettman and his merry troop of goobers don’t want hockey to do well as a sport anywhere at any time, and would rather make a game out of pissing away dollars and good will.

I need to stop here and actually make an apology. I said something in my second sentence that’s entirely unfair. Comparing the NHL to Mickey Mouse isn’t right at all. Through the years, Mickey Mouse has been a highly successful, money making venture, steered by leadership that knows how to get things done. Any comparison between Mickey Mouse and the NHL is entirely invalid and unwarranted. I’m sorry, Walt.

Now…where was I?

Oh, right. I’m disgusted by this whole thing. Players and owners alike have taken something fun and turned it into a stupid argument over more revenue hockey-related and otherwise than most of us will see in a hundred lifetimes. It’s hard to have sympathy for anybody here, and it’s getting harder and harder for me to care about watching them play should they ever decide to bother doing so again. It’s not like there aren’t other things I could be doing with my hockey watching time. There’s still baseball for another month or more, and junior hockey will still exist. Oh, and there’s still CFL football until November. and after that, who says I have to spend that time watching sports? There’s a good chance I will mind you, but the NHL can kiss my ass, at least for a while.

The closest thing to any good coming out of this entire situation so far is this hockey lockout song that our pal Martin sent our way. Not bad at all.

That was fun. Hope it made a few of you feel a little better.

Enjoy yet another work stoppage, and please, if ever it ends, try not to come crawling back to the NHL immediately just because it shows up at your door promising that this time will be different. I’m going to do my best.

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