Moving Related Thoughts: The Rogers Edition

So yeah…Bell…sheesh. Now I can get on with the rest of my thoughts.

If that wasn’t enough to go wrong, we didn’t have a TV for about a week and a half (this will all make sense when we write about our dirt poor movers). So we couldn’t really feel like we were truly moved in. I don’t know, when you don’t have something that you use to watch the news or your favourite show or sports, it just doesn’t feel complete.

Then, when we finally got a TV, thank you coworkers who rule the earth, a few days later, our cable box pooped the bed! I guess it was getting too much signal and it just died a death. Luckily we got a kickass Rogers tech, the second one in this process, who got us a new box, toned down the signal a bit, and helped us with a couple other things.

But Rogers hasn’t been perfect in this move. Don’t worry, the universe is still balanced. *takes a deep breath* Ok, Rogers has this service called Rogers Concierge. The theory is that you only have to deal with one person to get all your services moved, and then they can explain any moving-related crap that goes down with your bills. Here’s a little note for everyone. Just deal with the regular Rogers guy. You only have a dedicated moving specialist if big Rogers doesn’t decide to reassign him in the middle of your move. Yup, that’s what happened to us.

We had moved, and we were going to change our cell phones the next week since we wanted to have them stay the same in case our regular phone didn’t come on (smart plan that was, in hindsight). When things had finally settled with the home phone, we called him to change the cell numbers. He did not answer. Then I got an email in the dead of night asking if I was all happily settled, and he would call in a few days to go over bills. Hey! Chief! The cell phone numbers! You still have…to…change…the cell numbers! Remember?

I decided to call him the next morning. When I called, I got greeted by a message that said that my case had been transferred to another moving specialist and he was no longer handling stuff. Whaaat?

So I called the other person I’m supposed to call, only to be informed that she’s not in until Tuesday. Deciding I wasn’t going to wait, I just called the regular Rogers people and had them change our cell numbers.

After that had gone off without a hitch, I got a call from the woman who wasn’t supposed to be in until Tuesday! What the hell?

Ok, is Rogers Concierge just a ruse to try and sell people Rogers Home Monitoring service? I have to ask, since although I was not reliably assigned a dedicated moving specialist, all people I spoke to reliably tried to get me a free no obligation consult with a Rogers Home Monitoring specialist. No, guys, I live in an apartment in a building with a secured entrance, security cameras and a security guard. I do not need a security system for my little apartment.

Oh, and second moving specialist lady? Don’t ever pull this with another blind customer…ever…if you don’t want to get screamed at. We had mentioned the blindness, I forget why, but it had come up. And this followed:
Specialist: Would you like a visit from a Rogers Home Monitoring specialist?
Me: No, I don’t think so. I live in an apartment in a secure building.
Specialist: Well, there are other benefits that maybe you could use due to your…um…situation. You can turn your appliances on remotely. So if you had trouble finding them, you could have Rogers Home Monitoring turn them on.

I think my brain just exploded. The floor around me is covered in grey matter.
Problem a. If you have trouble finding your appliances, how in the name of Christ are you going to use them? How is turning them on any help if you can’t actually find and operate them?
Problem B. Just how much of a helpless human being are you that you can’t find the appliances in your home? They’re appliances! They’re huge! You don’t often hear things like “aww hell, where did I put my fridge?” “Hmmm…is my stove still in the box with the towels?” They’re appliances that live in rooms like kitchens or laundry rooms if you had such a thing. They’re pretty findable.

Oy yoy yoy. I really think she was just super desperate to sell me Home Monitoring, but I was so insulted that even if I wanted it, I would have said no and gone to talk to the folks at Alarm Force or something. Like dude, find…your appliances? So…offensive!

And our first dedicated moving specialist left a final bit of legacy before handing us off to Cap’n find your appliances. Upon the death of our cable box, we found out that he never bothered to enter our new number. Raaaar!

Oh jesus. another one of my random thoughts got away from me. Please don’t think I’m a horribly negative individual who just wants to bitch bitch bitch. There are positive thoughts to come. I swear. I just need space to write them in.

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