We Sofa King…Want To Sell You A Hamburger?

Oh look, another business has borrowed our old Sofa King idea. but rather than selling furniture, they’ve decided to go with hamburgers …for some reason.

Red Bank Mayor John Roberts, named to that position only a week ago, did not give Sofa King Juicy Burgers another thought, until a Sunday editorial in the Chattanooga Times Free Press was brought to his attention.

“It took me a while to pick it up,” he admitted. “I had to ask some people and say, ‘I just don’t get it.’ Maybe I’m a little slow. I know, it’s coming back from Thanksgiving, all the turkey I ate, so maybe my brain is not processing this stuff.”

Call it controversial, call it a harmless play on words…maybe if you read it out loud.

The guys behind it have had great success with Crust Pizza, just around the corner, and Aretha Frankensteins on the North Shore. This venture promises local grass-fed beef and milk shakes made with liquid nitrogen.

And about the name… “I know what it’s about,” Latiff said. “There’s a sofa in there, so I know it’s going to be, that’s the reason they named it that.”

There will be a sofa; a big one. So patrons can sit and eat the juicy burgers.

Unlike the case of the other Sofa King, a very small, selfish part of me hopes just a little that they don’t get to keep the name. Why? It’s simple. They’re doing it wrong. Just having a big ass couch does not entitle you to use the name Sofa King, much like putting a big cow in the window would not make it proper for me to call my furniture store Couchburger. It feels like they feel like they need something to shock people in the door and this was the best they could do. If I could shop for sofas while I ate my juicy burger, however, all would be forgiven.

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