I’m Guessing He Lost The Race

So you’ve just stolen a car. What do you do next? If you’re David Williams of St. Clair, Missouri, that’s an easy one. Pull up beside some officers assisting a stranded motorist on the highway and see if they want to race, then gun it!

Luckily or perhaps not given how things ended for him, the answer was yes since the car he was driving had already been called in.

Deputies pursued the stolen Mercury Cougar, reaching speeds in excess of 90 miles per hour. As Williams approached the city limits of Vienna, police had a vehicle waiting for the fleeing felon on the side of the road.

As Williams approached Vienna, the officer fired two rounds into the engine compartment of the vehicle. The high speed pursuit continued through the city, until deputies and officers were able to box in the suspect. Deputies were forced to strike the vehicle using their push bumper to bring the vehicle to a complete stop.

The suspect continued to resist arrest as deputies approached the vehicle, refusing to exit the vehicle or open the door. Officers smashed the window and dragged Williams out.

this is hardly Williams’ first rodeo, though I’m not sure if he’s ever done anything like this to earn any of his ten previous felony arrests.

Williams, who you’ll be shocked to learn was probably under the influence of something or other, was free on probation at the time of this latest incident. He has so far been charged with second-degree assault on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest. More charges are pending. While they pend, Williams is passing the time in jail on $250,000 bond. He’s also trying to punch deputies and getting pepper sprayed for his troubles.

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